*~Sweetest Beach Babies~*

*~Sweetest Beach Babies~*

*~Sweet Beach~*
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*~Applying Members~*
1. You must fill out the entire application and be descriptive!!! Don't worry about it being to long! Worry about it being to short! We are trying to get to know you, and thats alot easier if you explain yourself. Ex. Best friend: Sam (tell y Sam is your best friend! DONT just say Sam!!!)
2. Submit at least three pictures of yourself and if you'd like you can submit a random picture of anything.
3. NO nude pictures!
4. Don't argue with the stamped members or MOD! You will automatically be banned!
5. Put "Am I sweet?" in the subject line
6. LJ cut EVERYTHING please!
7. Don't promote in this community if you AREN'T a member yet!
8. You may respond back to the vote/comments but don't do it in a disrepectful way, we WILL get an attitude with you and we WILL win.
9. We'd prefer 14 y/o and up, but if you feel you're a very mature 13 y/o or you're about to turn 14 then go ahead and apply but your taking the chance.
10. Copy and paste the application exactly please, we have placed all the necessary things, please change the ()'s to <>'s though.
11. Please read another application so you get the idea of how we are and what we want, it's actually quite simple!

~*Stamped Members*~
1. Please vote!
2. Be honest but don't go too far. Don't say anything that you wouldn't want said to you (ex. saying they look mentally chalenged). But you may and are eNcOuRaGeD to be brutally honest with all applying members!
3. Promote! We need as many members are possible!
4. Don't argue with a MOD.
5. If you have a problem with another member contact a MOD immediatly. Don't post your complaint, it's plain rude!
6. You may promote in this community as long as you promote us in there as well... and please don't promote to often. It gets annoying!
~Thanks bunches!

Promoting Banner's:


Shanna (AIM s/n: ditzybigbird07)

Accepted Members:
Shanna ditzybigbird *~MOD~*
Sarah crazybabe578 ~*MOD*~
Bea _tsunami_bomb
Kym _trendyfcuk
Christina alohinalu
Lauren beachbaby19
Emily em10390
Katy icebreaker
Lisa issyjones
Cameran ohbabee
Cortnie shyshorty823
Destinee destinedforyou
Carley temptati0n

Rejected Members:

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The Basic's

Most Memerable's
(b)Boyfriend/Girlfriend (optional):(/b)

(b)Where is your favorite place and why?:(/b)
(b)What are your hobbies or interests?:(/b)
(b)What type of music do you listen to? (country, rap, rock, etc...)(/b)
(b)Where do you live(rural, urban, or sub-urban):(/b)
(b)How would your best friend describe you?:(/b)
(b)How would your parent's describe you?:(/b)

Getting Personal Rape DOES NOT count, thats not their fault
(b)Are you a virgin?(/b)
(b)How many partners have you had?(/b)
(b)What age did you lose it at?(/b)
(b)Do you regret it?(/b)
*sry 4 getting rele personal but we want to make sure we dont have any girls who lost it at 9 and don't regret it!!! That means they don't have self respect, and thats very important!

(b)Teen Pregnancy:(/b)
(b)This survey:(/b)

Now please post at least 3 pictures of yourself!

(img src="your website for the picture goes HeRe")

(img src="your website for the picture goes HeRe")

(img src="your website for the picture goes HeRe")


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