Sarah (crazybabe578) wrote in sweet_beach,

well since this place is almost dead..

ive decided that we should have like a theme for the month and such and see if we can get the community back up.

this months theme= post a current picture of you and a mini bio so we can all get to know each other more.


here is me and my friend jenna. i am on the right.

lets see i am 15 years old. ill be turning 16, on may 7th (less then a month!). im very excited that summers almost here and can't wait to go to the beach everyday. i recently decoved my liking of county music and have been listening to it non-stop however my favorite bands all still a mixture of green day, yeallowcard, and the used. im about one of the biggest camra whores ever. i take it everywhere with me.. my new friends are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. we are always doing crazy things. i love to boogie board and surf however i never really get to because there are not many places to do that in michigan. the notebook and how to loose a guy in 10 days are the best movies ever created! i could watch them to no end.  well i guess thats about it for now.

<3 everyone post their themes!

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