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The Basic's
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Location:Pittsburgh, PA

Most Memerable's
The first kiss i had with my current and only boyfriend Justin, for the longest time while we dated, we never kissed, we were both sooo nervous (now that i think about it we were both just dumb! haha) and one night we were at my house lay'n in my bed talking a bout how dumb we were for not kissing eachother, and then all of a sudden, we were kissing. to this day we still argue over who kissed who, but honestly we both just kissed eachother at the same time!! i wanted him to kiss me forever, so i was ecstatic!
Day: wow, there are so many great times its hard to pick. can i pick a most memerable week? cause that would have to be my senior vacation this past summer, one of the best times in my life. i went with 7 of my friends, there were 4 girls (including me) and 4 guys. we had soo much fun!! everyday was a blast, and ill never forget any of it!
Place: Justin's house, ive had so many great times there with him, that ill never ever forget... god i love that boy!
Friend: my bestest friend ever, Rachel, i've known her since i was 4 years old, we've only gotten into one stupid arrgument ever (we were like 8) and it was over the end of the day, we never fight, we never disrespect eachother and i trust he with my life. shes more of a sister that a friend, and i love her to death!
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (optional): Justin of course, we've been together for 4 years!

Where is your favorite place and why?: I dont want you to think im saying this because of this group, but it seriously is the beach, its soo warm and so relaxing and just soo fun! i wish i lived 2 minutes from the beach, its the best place on earth! and gives you a great tan!
What are your hobbies or interests?: I love the internet, working, driving, having a good time, i dont really have a big hobby, but i do have my own webpage that i designed myself ( ) i love to play and watch sports, go shopping, movies, mall, all that good stuff. talk on the phone, hang with my friends, nd party!! i love everything! lol
What type of music do you listen to? (country, rap, rock, etc...) i listen to a little bit of everything, there really isnt much i wont listen to, i love all music. i esp love maroon 5, john mayer, sarah mclachlan, britney spears, and LOTS MORE!
Where do you live(rural, urban, or sub-urban): i live in the city! im just a good old city girl!
How would your best friend describe you?: i think she'd call me a "crazy, wild, bitch, who is always up for a good time - I LOVE HER!"
How would your parent's describe you: a spoiled brat, i think!! haha, i am kinda spoiled, but its their fault for spoiling me! lol

Getting Personal Rape DOES NOT count, thats not their fault
Are you a virgin?
How many partners have you had? ONE, Justin.
What age did you lose it at? I was 15
Do you regret it? not in a million years, i love him now, and i loved him then!
*sry 4 getting rele personal but we want to make sure we dont have any girls who lost it at 9 and don't regret it!!! That means they don't have self respect, and thats very important!

Drugs are stupid, and they mostly ruin your life, you look 70 by the time youre 30 and they just kill your body, i dont understand how people could do that to their bodies!
Alcohol: I drink, i love to party and have fun. but i dont do it everyday, or even every weekend at that. i think when you do it in moderation its okay, being an alcoholic isnt good, drinking and driving isnt good, if you're safe and not dumb, its perfectly fine.
Teen Pregnancy: I think every sexually active teen should get on some sort of birth control, or atleast use condoms, you can even get them for free, so why shouldnt you? most teen pregnancys happen because girls arent smart enough to protect themselves, and i think its important to be safe. you shouldnt have sex without any kind of birthcontrol unless you're really ready for a child.
Abortion: I dont like to really give my oppinion on this, i think its totally up to that person, its their body, and they have the choice. i'm not totally against it, but honestly, i dont know what i would do myself, until i was actually in that situation.
Sex: personally, i love having sex with Justin, i dont sleep around, and i dont think i ever could. sex can be great if youre smart about it. if you're old enough and mature enough then go for it. but PROTECT YOURSELF!
Yourself: to be honest, i love myself, i love everything about myself, i respect myself and i think thats great. if youre happy with yourself you can be happy with anyone!
This survey: its great! i love surveys when im bored!

Now please post at least 3 pictures of yourself!

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