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The Basic's
Age:15, but my 16th birthday is in March!
Location:Alabama till the end of the semester, then I'm moving to Bradenton, Florida.

Most Memerable's
Kiss: Okay, everyone else's memorable kiss was sweet and romantic, but those aren't the ones I think of when I think about memorable... See, I still remember this from elementary, so it's pretty "special", lol. I was at my friend's house with a guy I liked who liked me back, and we were out back, and I kissed him. Instead of kissing me back (well, this was way back then, so I don't know what I was expecting), he told everyone that "SHE KISSED ME ON THE MOUTH!" Not lips- mouth. Just for the record, I haven't had that kind of reaction since.
Day: I can't think!! Um, maybe last year March 13th... A guy I wasn't even officially going out with, but completely adored just randomly dumped me (hard to explain... we acted just like boyfriend/girlfriend, but he was just like "Ok, bye."). Of course I would remember that, I was really hurt, but I remember my best friend inviting me to come to a party thrown by one of the clubs she was in. We danced with lots of guys, and talked, and had fun. It was just what I needed- I was really down, but she always can cheer me up. It was a reminder of how special she is!!!
Friend: Rebecca (Same as above)... She and I have been so close since first grade. We were in different classes after that year, and I literally left her to go hang out with the popular kids in my clase, but she never gave up on me. In fifth grade we got back together, so to speak (as friends!), and even though we went to different middle schools, we became even closer! Since the day we met, I swear we haven't fought once! I think that's a pretty cool accomplishment.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (optional): My friend Richard. I had liked him since the day I met him, so when I was ready I told him. He said he had felt the same way, but had always thought I was too good for him just because I was tall and pretty. He asked me out anyway, and I was so happy, but sadly, shortly after that, I just couldn't stay committed (long story, but basically I couldn't stand not being single at the time). I had to break up with him, but he took it so well, and even though he still is attracted to me, we're even better friends than before.

Where is your favorite place and why?: My uncle's house! It's right on Clearwater Bay, and it's so beautiful there. I love that area so much, and I feel really at home by the gulf, which is good because I'll be there really soon!!
What are your hobbies or interests?: I'm starting a tennis season with my school... I'm really excited because I've never played before. I do a little modeling, too, and I try to be really involved with my youth group!
What type of music do you listen to? (country, rap, rock, etc...) Honestly.. I like some of everything. I probably like Alternative the most, but some of it is kind of crappy these days. Favorite bands/singers- Dashboard Confessional, All American Rejects, Michelle Branch, Killers, Maroon 5... I don't like hard rock that much, and I'm not a fan of oldies at all unless they were popular when I can remember. I've been a growing fan of Christian Rock lately, but only some songs. Pop music is cool, I can usually relate to the lyrics best, but I love any song with crazy lyrics!! I love music so much- I could talk about it all day.
Where do you live(rural, urban, or sub-urban): Sub-urban Alabama.. lol. That almost sounds like an oxymoron. But soon I'll be in the sub-urban area on the gulf!
How would your best friend describe you?: Fun, Funny, Kind, Attractive, A mess, Crazy, Outgoing
How would your parent's describe you?: Funny, Kind, Independent, Sweet, Sly, Impatient, Reserved

Getting Personal Rape DOES NOT count, thats not their fault
Are you a virgin? Yes (that's why I just deleted all the stuff below in this category... It doesn't apply to me!)

Drugs: None of my friends do drugs (very often). I shelter myself with people I can trust and the ones I know will never ask me to (or let me) smoke, snort, inject, consume anything. Drugs are so bad for you, and they damage everything and everyone around you! I wish they weren't so easily available because I think it's horrible for teenagers especially to think the only way to escape is by getting high. Wow, this is really depressing, loL.
Alcohol: Almost the same as drugs. I think maybe a little is okay at a party or something, but I personally would never overly drink. My friends might, but it's not for me. You're putting your life in danger everytime you get drunk, and I just wish people would think before they drink. <-- rhyming skills
Teen Pregnancy: I feel sorry for teen parents, but they made the choices that got them there. But I really do feel horrible for teen moms, especially the ones I know (Just thinking about the girl who used to play with my hair eight years ago having a child's hair of her own to play with makes me shudder).
Abortion: It's such a confusing, hard topic because there are so many "what if" situations. But if you are ready and responsible enough to have sex, you should be the same way to accepting a possible child. Human life is so fragile and important, so basically, I disagree with it. I have trouble accepting the "what if the mother was raped" situation, but I believe that two wrongs don't make a right. I've heard a raped mother whose child meant the world to her and helped her get over the hard feelings of the irresponsible father.
Sex: Unless you absolutely *have* to have sex, which I think should be avoided until marriage if at all possible (simply to escape possible STDs or the pain that comes from break ups), you shouldn't do it as a teenager. Teen love rarely lasts forever, and most guys who genuinely care about you won't push you to have sex anyway. So, you should look for that guy- he's totally worth it!!
Yourself: Okay, you may be thinking "Wow, she's a real loser who has no life" by now, but I'm really not... I'm being totally honest on this survey: I have more fun than imaginable avoiding the problems caused by sex, drugs, and alcohol. I love and respect myself very much, and I hope you guys like me, too. :)
This survey: This was a really good application survey: I liked the way it was written.

Now please post at least 3 pictures of yourself!

(By the way... the palm trees in the background are my curtains!!)

(Sorry it's blurry!)

Just head shots... My full body ones weren't as close to how I actually look.
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